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Visioneering is the process of making a vision or a dream a reality.

To experience visioneering, you need to practice visualization which is the formation of mental visual images. In other words, it is a mental exercise where you see pictures on the screen of your mind.

When you use your higher faculty, your imagination, you can create your magnificent world—the one you genuinely want to live in.

We all think in pictures whether we consciously know it or not. If you think of your children right now, an image of them will appear on the screen of your mind. If you think of your home, you’ll see it on the screen of your mind.

You can decide what you want to think about, EVERY DAY, and the more you think about the things you want in life, the more energy you give them, and the more powerful they become to attract everything required for them to manifest in your life.

According to Genevieve Behrend, when your understanding grasps the power to visualize your heart’s desire and hold it with your will, it attracts all things requisite to the fulfillment of that picture by the harmonious vibration of the law of attraction.

Feeling it is vital. To align with your desires, you have to feel already what it’s like to have them in your possession. You can feel gratitude, calm, joy, happiness, peace, etc.…These emotions will trigger a change in your vibrations to attract all things requisite to the fulfillment of your desire.


Repetition is fundamental

Visualizing once in a while won’t work. You need to constantly visualize the things you want to attract them into your life continually. It’s simple; you only stop when you have them in our physical world.

Being relaxed is essential.

Intuition, ideas come to you when your mind is predisposed. You need to be in a relaxed state to start visualizing. This ensures that you are ready to let the energy flow to and through you.

Positive thoughts “ONLY.”

You need to understand that what you visualize constantly is what you attract, good or bad. Therefore, you need to be aware of the thoughts you are entertaining in your mind. Negative thoughts (fear, doubts, guilt, etc…) are destructive and put you out of alignment with your desires. So, pay close attention to the kind of thoughts you nourish your mind.


No effort required

Visualizing is easy when you love seeing yourself living the dream. If you have to force it, it’s often because you are not in alignment with what you are picturing in your mind. Therefore, change your goal and choose one that you truly want and feel this burning desire inside of you. Be in harmony with it.

A concrete, practical example

You want more time for yourself and want to start practicing yoga. You visualize images of you doing some yoga exercises in a class.

You see yourself in a black yoga outfit, standing up on a blue mat ready to start the class…then doing some yoga postures. The environment is very welcoming, and the people are friendly. You can imagine having a break and getting your purple bottle of water…

In the end, you visualize yourself having a chat with your teacher, smiling and thanking her…

See yourself every day and feel what it feels like to practice yoga. You will start noticing that what you seek is seeking you. It might start by talking to someone/a friend telling you how she feels much better since she began yoga at her local gym. You can start seeing ads about a new yoga outfit in the streets. These are clues that you’ve impregnated the idea into your subconscious mind. Maybe talking with that friend will lead you to check out her local yoga gym to find about days and times for a trial.

Anything you visualize, you can bring about in your life. Follow these steps mentioned above, and you will have everything you desire.

Start dreaming and manifesting today!