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About the Book

Every mum suffers from the burden of guilt: if only she had more time, if only she didn’t have to juggle everything with a child in tow, if only she weren’t so tired, if only she could be a calmer, happier version of herself, a calmer and happier mother to her child. Tessia heard this voice of self-doubt too – but she answered back. Recognising how crucial it is for mums to have time to reset, ‘Les Petits Bellots’ was born, based on the idea that giving mums the time to rejuvenate not only makes them relaxed and recharged, but also makes their children happy. When mothers are refreshed they are ready to take on new adventures every day. No guilt necessary. Following her journey as a mother – the mistakes made, the lessons learned – the author shares her hard-won wisdom that we all need the time to rejuvenate to be the best versions of ourselves for our children.

This book is an essential read for all mums, mums-to-be, or anyone else who is blessed with children day in, day out.


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The wisdom guide that will transform you into a happier mother and help you set an example for your children.



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Vladimira Kuna, International Bestseller of The Bible of the Mastermind, Enlightenment and Success Mentor

I love how Tessia uses her own journey of self-growth and self-awareness to lead as a phenomenal example of being a great mum. Through understanding, application, and passion, she shares her amazing discoveries, stories that will touch every mum’s heart and invites us to enjoy motherhood on full power. Knowing how to be the best mum by simply finding balance in life is priceless.

This book contains ideas and stories that will help you to manage difficult situations with children in a way that respects them as unique individuals and encourages them to find their own solutions to challenges, to make their own decisions, to take responsibility for their thoughts/feelings and actions, to feel more than good enough and feel worthy. And all this is by role modeling and living the life we love and desire. We are true heroes for our children, so leading a perfect example is the best way to BE.

Dr Mandeep Rai, Author of International Best Seller The Values Compass

Brings out the super mum in us all! 

Judy O’Beirn, President of Hasmark Publishing International

Tessia Brival has written an invaluable guide to parenting with love and intuition. Rejuvenated Mums Make Happy Kids encourages healthy boundaries for parents and their children in a practical and sensible way.

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