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Take the decision to do what you love

I wanted to write about this topic because I believe that it is crucial to enjoy life every second, every minute, every day of our life.

We don’t know how much time we have left. Do you know if tomorrow, you’ll still be on this planet? You have absolutely no clues and yet you go to bed with faith that you will wake up the next day. I doubt that people are stressing out or becoming physically sick before going to bed in fear that they won’t wake up the next morning.

A picture of a child with dog, consistency in raising children is key
We take our gifted days in this world for granted; we feel like time flies but even this awareness doesn’t seem to have an impact on our habits or our attitudes each day.

Why is that? We are programmed, conditioned to think and behave this way. Because there is always a sky above us, we have time to do things that we love.

The truth is that the time is now; it’s in the present. You don’t even know if, in an hour, you’ll still be alive.

Start living a fulfilled life. You wake up in the morning and plan that this day will be the most beautiful day you ever lived. Believe me that at the end of the day, you’ll feel grateful and very happy because what you’ve decided in the morning manifested.

If you take this committed decision to be who you always wanted to be or do all you ever wanted to do, you will commit each day of your life to be that person and achieve the things you love in life. To do what you love is to be what you love. It only takes a committed decision; a decision that you’ll never give up on and continually take actions daily towards your goal.

I recently lost a cherished uncle. He used to live in Africa and I always assumed that when I will go there to visit, he will be there. The thought never came to my mind that I actually don’t know what God’s plan for his life is; how much time he has left on this planet. You agree with me that nobody knows the time someone has left on earth but we forget that we actually don’t know. We have to remind ourselves that we don’t know. If you wish to spend time with someone that you didn’t see for a long time, just plan to do a visit. Don’t think that the person will always be there whenever you’ll be ready to make that trip and spend time with him/her.

I take my loss as an opportunity to grow and change my perspective about the things I want to do in life. In any challenges or difficulties, I know there is a benefit if we decide to look for it.

When I was grieving, I was feeling sad, which is a natural emotion that we all should welcome and release in any way possible to heal. Either by sharing beautiful memories with other family members/friends, allowing yourself to cry, breathing deeply to be calmer, etc…

Your life experiences can shape your way of thinking for the better if you decide.

Napoleon Hill said in his book, Think and Grow rich that “Those who reach decisions promptly and definitely know what they want and they generally get it. The leaders in every walk of life decide quickly and firmly, that’s the major reason why they’re leaders.” The world has a habit of making room for the man or woman whose words and actions show they know where they’re going.

Indeed, the Universe supplies what you request. When you really want to achieve something and act on it, the Universe is your ally and will always ensure to guide you through. Trust your intuition.

Now he said, “Indecision is a habit, which usually begins in youth. The habit takes on permanency as the youth goes through grade school, high school and eventually through college without any definition of purpose. The major weakness of all educational systems is that they neither teach nor encourage the habit of decision.”

This is, absolutely, true. Schools give us information and knowledge on different topics but never teach us how to be successful in life by forming good habits and making decisions that will enable us to grow, expand, stretch our mind and make our dreams come true.

Winners in life make committed decisions. They execute what they say they will do.

I encourage you to take a committed decision today that you will do what you love in life.

People are ready to make a committed decision usually when they are not happy where they are and when they have this deep dissatisfaction feeling inside of them. Anyone can form that habit to be a decisive person. You can and can start now. What decisions would you like to make today?

Determine what you love. Your mind is a powerful tool that you can use to imagine your dream life. What would it be? How would it feel to live that life?

Make a list of the things you want in life and be committed that you will wake up each morning granted by the Creator to materialise these things into your life.

It only takes a decision to get where you want to go. A decision that will transform you and your life for the better. Visit the people you love, spend time with them, appreciate the time you have each day to feel wonderful and make someone feels special.
You’ve been blessed to be a blessing to others.

Start today to dream and manifest