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Quantum Leaps

I love quantum leaps and I am sure that once you know more about quantum leaps, you won’t be able to wait to experience them in your life.

A quantum leap is when you follow a direction without any guidance. You pick up that intuition telling you that you should take that direction and you act on it. You start to move towards that goal by doing actions that are in harmony and in complete alignment with your goal. The more you do that, the more ideas and thoughts come into your mind and the more you move towards the goal, which means that you’ll definitely reach it.

According to Fred Alan Wolf, a quantum leap is “the explosive jump that a particle of matter undergoes in moving from one place to another. Figuratively, taking the quantum leap means taking a risk, going off into uncharted territory with no guide to follow”

We live in a world of frequencies. A frequency is a level of vibration. Whatever you entertain your mind with every day determines your level of frequency.

Some people make gradual progress in their life. Step by step changes. There is nothing bad in that. However, if you want to experience exponential change, a big jump, a transformational life, a new higher version of yourself, you are ready for a quantum leap. In other words, you are ready to go from Frequency 10 (let’s assume that you are on this frequency) to frequency 20 instead of going from 10 to 11 (gradual progress).

Frequencies are not limited; therefore, we can all believe that we are able to experience quantum leaps to the infinite.

Knowing that you can always be a higher version of yourself is an exciting feeling; don’t you think?

To experience a quantum leap, first, you need to know what you want. You don’t need to know how you’ll get there as this is the Universe’s job.  Your responsibility is to have and maintain a crystal-clear picture of what you truly want.

A concrete example.

Twelve years ago, I was not in a happy place in my life. I felt like a failure. I didn’t know what I wanted what I should do with my life. I was very sad not knowing what to do next when a thought came to my mind and said to me: “Why don’t you go abroad to learn English and think about what you want in life?” The idea of living abroad was appealing to me. I always wanted to live that type of experience. That’s where the statement, “You are already prepared to make a quantum leap, you just haven’t done yet” makes sense.

I started to think of what kind of job I could do while thinking about my life. I didn’t want to be a bag packer; I wanted security, a structured environment.

The idea of being an Au pair came to my mind. I love children and this job was able to give me security as I will know the agency and the family way before arriving.

Now, I needed to find an agency and decide on which country. I checked Australia and found out that the au pair structure was not what I was looking for. London was too close to Paris and the weather is not exciting. So I thought about the United States.

Where about in the states?

One day, I was having a conversation with one of my best friends and I revealed my goal to live in the United States for a year as an Au pair.

He obviously found it incredible and told me that I should choose between New York and San Francisco according to my personality and where I come from. He told me that these are the most Europeanized cities and I will feel at home there.

New York weather was not exciting; so San Francisco was the city I decided to go for.

I looked for an Au Pair agency sending au pairs to San Francisco and when the time was right, I found a family, and voila. I ended up living there for a year. This year was unbelievable in terms of growth.

I have learned so much about myself, about others, and about my true potential than ever before. I was truly transformed. I was not the same person anymore; all my friends and family can confirm it. I experienced a quantum leap. Everyone could notice the change.

You are just different, the way you talk, the way you present yourself, the way you approach things and all of this only reflect the change that happened within you.

You know that you are different and you love it, you embrace it!

This new frequency and vibrations you are on attract things already on that frequency and it’s where you experience not only a change inside you but outside as well in your life.

What you seek is seeking you; so start today by knowing what you want and letting the Universe do its magic. If you want a quantum leap in your life, you’ll have it. It’s already done.

Dream and manifest today!