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A rejuvenating post-workout Stretch session

Led by my inspirational Personal Trainer, Amram Herrera

Video Summary 

In this video you’ll find an easy routine flow, focused on relaxing the hips, which will do wonders not only physically, but also emotionally, especially after a long day sitting down or driving. Many expert movement and yoga teachers such as Amram relate tight hips with over-storing of negative emotions.

About Amram Herrera 

Amram Herrera – Personal Fitness Trainer and Massage Therapist

Amram is passionate about health and physical wellbeing.

He loves to help people achieve their goals and is dedicated to helping his clients become more active and flexible, to increase their overall energy levels, and ultimately, to feel better about themselves.

To find out more about his work, visit the Get Fitter Get Better website here:

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